The Adventure Begins…

This week our adventure took us back in time to when people were living on a prayer… er.. No, no, not Bon Jovi (did you sing it too?) Let’s try that again shall we?

This week our adventure lead us back in time to the 1800’s when pioneers were living on a prairie. They packed up their wagons and headed west to start their new life.

We are following an amazing curriculum program called Moving Beyond the Page. This week we started reading Sarah, Plain and Tall. I am loving this story just as much as the kids are loving it! The hardest part of this week, was not sneaking ahead in the book!

The suggested companion is a unit called The LandBetween the Language Arts Material and Social Studies, we are learning so much about what life was like for the pioneers. We are even gathering around the couch after dinner to binge watch Little House on the Prairie.

This has been a incredibly special week for many reasons. What I am the most excited about is that my son, who has severe learning challenges, has fallen in love with this story and all the activities that are part of our daily lessons. He is starting to see for himself all the incredible improvements in his work and behavior. We are beyond proud of the accomplishments he has made over the last month. This week in particular was truly an exceptional week for him and I am one proud mama!

Moving Beyond the Page is a curriculum we have used over the last year that has quickly become a favorite in our house because we all love it so much!!! It just presents the information is a fun way and exciting way that engages all of us (yes, the adults in the house, too!) Even my husband was blown away when he saw all that we were doing this week by following their lesson, plus a few things that I added on as well. One of the things that I think makes it so special, is that the curriculum can be differentiated for all of the kids without hours of prep work for me. I love not having to recreate the wheel for each of them every week. Even our oldest, who normally has a different game plan than the younger kids, wanted to join in to listen to the story and contribute to our discussions about Sarah, Plain and Tall.

I cannot wait to continue reading this book during the day. Then, after dinner, curl up on the couch with our little pioneers to watch more episodes of Little House on the Prairie.

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