What do you get when you put 3 kids with varieties of strengths, challenges, grade levels, personalities, wants, needs, and interests, and place them all together, under one roof to educate them at home? The answer is… noise. Lots and lots of noise. It gets loud. I mean really loud. Our space is filled with singing, roaring laughter, stadium style cheering, and yelling across the house.  

Some days it just feels like I’m teetering between Ross Geller and Miss Hannigan. 

But, in the space between quiet and the need for ear plugs, comes a symphony of cheering for accomplishments (big and small), you did it’s, I love you’s, happy dances, singing, and above all, love. Lots, & lots of love, which is the root of it all. 

I remind myself that the root of it all is love daily. It’s an excellent reminder on the days when the kids are fighting non-stop from the moment they wake up until the moment they fall asleep. I often wonder if they are fighting, or just playing an uncivilized game of who can make the other person cry first? Those are the days when I have to dig deep into my Mama K’s bag of tricks in search of anything to calm the chaos. It’s good to remind  them about the importance of personal space (aka “Sibling Distancing”). And that, my friends, is how I came up with this REVOLUTIONARY idea that I’m about to share with you.


This genius idea (if I do say so myself) can be recreated with a variety of options. 

I’m providing a basic supply list to get you started:

And BAM! That’s it! 



What are your favorite tips and tricks to calm your chaos by Sibling Distancing? Would love to hear from you, so please share in the comments below.

Until next time,

Mama K 

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