has thousands of Free Math Worksheets, Charts, Printable Graph Paper, and more! Seriously, this site is PACKED with resources you will use over and over again. You will want to bookmark this site!

KhanAcademy has a mission to provide FREE, World-Class education to everyone. They have something for every subject! The math videos and lessons are super helpful.

MathAntics is jam packed with AMAZING FREE Math Videos! has so many Free Printable Math Worksheets. There is a ton of stuff on this site to supercharge your multiplication lessons.

Super Teacher Worksheets is another top favorite of mine. They have incredible worksheets. What I love most is that they are not cluttered with distractions and colors. So it makes it much better for my kids with ADHD, Visual Processing Disorder, and Dyscalculia. Trust me when I say you will want to bookmark this site! “Helps kids master basic math facts.”  Our daughter has been using it for 10 minutes a day, and we are seeing incredible results!

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