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our Adventures with KiwiCo Crates!

We LOVE, and I mean LOVE KiwiCo!!! We love it so much that we actually have subscriptions to just about every option they have available. I am not exaggerating about that either. We have personal subscriptions for Kiwi Crate, Atlas Crate, Tinker Crate, and Eureka Crate. In the fall, we will be adding the Maker Crate and the Doodle Crate to our collection, but I cannot confirm whether those additional boxes will be for the kids or for me. The only reason we don’t have subscriptions for Panda Crate and Koala Crate are because my kids have outgrown that age group. 

Our love for these crates extends beyond our family. Sharing our fun with friends and family for birthday and holiday gifts has become one of my favorite gifts to give to others.

KiwiCo Crates are consistently packed with high-quality projects that keep the kids engaged and excited every time they open a new one. Even the boxes intended for older kids still work well because they just turn into activities we do together with the kids.

We do have subscription boxes from many other companies that are also wonderful. However, I have found that other boxes only last as long as the kid’s attention spans. After that, they end up in the abyss of the kid’s rooms, never to be seen again. KiwiCo is different. Their quality is truly exceptional. Many of the kits have projects that the kids want to display, use, play with, and explain to any captive and willing audience. To be completely honest, it is hard to find a reason not to love these boxes, but I will share the one downside I have discovered. If you have multiple kids like we do, be prepared for the kids’ fights over which kit they want to claim. On the flip side, the only thing the kids actually agree on is that KiwiCo Boxes are their favorite subscription boxes out of the many choices that come through our house. So, if they are going to fight about something, it is a fight worth having. If I were a kid, it would be hard for me to choose which kit I wanted each month.

Bottom line – You cannot go wrong with KiwiCo Crates! 

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Until next time,

Mama K 

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