Evan-Moor has been a favorite resource in our house since before we even began our homeschooling adventure. Year after year, we use it alongside all of the other curriculum that bounces around our house. No matter what subject we are studying, I can always find something in my Teacher File Box to complement our studies for all three of our kids.

Little Miss is 6 years old, and on paper, she is getting ready to start 1st grade. However, she is a gifted learner who is working way beyond her grade level. When she started off the 2019-2020 school year, we began with kindergarten workbooks. I immediately saw that she was capable of doing a higher level of work, so we moved onto Evan-Moor 1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum Bundle.

The Daily Phonics Workbook was a fantastic addition to improve Little Miss’ reading skills. Watching her blossom from a non-reader into a reader seemed like it happened overnight. I genuinely believe the work she did in her Daily Phonics Workbook was a considerable part of that. The workbook is set up as a page a day type pacing. However, our little overachiever had so much fun with her workbook that she completed a week’s work in one sitting at a time. She loved matching the pictures with their correct vowels and consonants. Once she opened the workbook, it was hard for her to put it down. We used the Daily Phonics Workbook along with Reading Eggs. Honestly, it was the perfect combination to teach her how to read.

I love the simplicity of Evan-Moor’s design within their workbooks. I know other programs fill the pages with every color in the rainbow and beautiful graphics. While that might be a draw for some kids, I have found that busy pages are way too distracting in our home. Especially my boys with severe ADHD and Visual Processing Disorders. I personally appreciate the way the workbooks are laid out in black, white, and grey printing. It has helped our boys stay more focused on their work, making it easier for them to understand the material. They have been more successful with Evan-Moor Workbooks than any other workbook we have tried.

For a while, I was buying Evan-Moor’s printed workbooks and their e-books. That was until I discovered the Teacher File Box. What I love about the Teacher File Box, is having the ability to download precisely the pages that I want to go with our lessons. Even with my most favorite workbooks, there are always pages that are left unfinished. I also saw many books that I knew I would love but didn’t want the entire workbook. I look at the Teacher File Box similarly as I looked at iTunes when it first came on the market. How many CD’s did we all buy for that ONE song? Then iTunes came along, and we were able to download just the songs we really wanted. Evan-Moor is giving away 30 days FREE to try out Teacher File Box for yourself. So take advantage of this excellent tool and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Until next time,

Mama K


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