Dirt and Plants – Moving Beyond the Page

The Adventure Begins....

Monday, August 3, 2020 – Day 1: Today, we begin! The plan is to share our adventure digging into this unit. The kids don’t know it yet, but Day 1 is all about SOIL! Part of the planned activity from MBTP is a guessing game (no peeking)! The kids will be feeling different types of soil, while blindfolded, and then identify the type of soil they are touching in each bag! All I had to do was read about this activity, and I was instantly into it! I cannot wait to share our first experience with you tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 – DAY 2: I printed everything that we would need for today’s activity. I made little baggies filled with the different types of dirt and took the kids out back to start this unit. Well, here is the reality of life with Autism… No matter how much time goes into planning, or how excited the kids are for an activity, sometimes you just have to pack it up and try another day. That is what we did on Monday… and again on Tuesday. We are just having one of those weeks where it is hard to accomplish a lot.

Wednesday. August 5, 2020 – Day 3: Third time IS the charm!!! This was such a fun activity! First we read “Dirt,” then we discussed what we learned from the book, and answered some discussion questions. Next we watched a couple of really cool time lapse videos – I posted them because they were truly awesome to see! Be sure to check out our video of the blindfold soil challenge  below, too! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 – The bad news is, we had a few rough days, so we were not able to get to our science lessons as planned. The good news, is that our plants are starting to sprout! Errrr.. make that, one of the plants is starting to sprout. Can you guess what it is mixed with? Tell us in the comments. 

After the we learned about the components of soil, we moved onto an experiment with soil. What will grow the best? Soil mixed with gravel, silt, sand, clay, or sugar? We can’t wait to watch our beans grow! Check back for Day 4 of our adventure with¬†Dirt and Plants!

Stay tuned for Day 4...

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