Mama K

Well, hello there! When did you arrive? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mama K. Wife to Mr. MixedUp, and mom/teacher/chaos coordinator to Gamer Boy (age 13), Drummer Man (age 11), and Little Miss (age 6). Our Castle of Chaos wouldn’t be complete without Mo the Goldendoodle, Sulley the Newfiedoodle, Winnie the Chug, and Dobby the House Bird. I believe that makes us one species short of a zoo!

A few weeks back, I asked my husband how he thinks Gamer Boy will describe me to his future girlfriend before bring her home to meet us. He respectfully declined to answer. So I went straight to the source and asked Game Boy the same question. He paused for a quick moment and said, “My mom is… Ummm… how do I put this? My mom is eccentric and unpredictable!” I asked Little Miss how she would describe me. “You are a Disney Villain,” was her reply. When Drummer Man was asked, he had zero hesitation chiming in with, “You are a creative and evil genius.” I figured they would have something nice enough to say. Still, I never imagined I’d hear such glorious and magnificent descriptions. This crazy.. er, make that Krazy bunch of uniquely amazing individuals get me. They are my people. This is our story.

Dirt and Plants – Moving Beyond the Page

The Adventure Begins…. Monday, August 3, 2020 – Day 1: Today, we begin! The plan is to share our adventure digging into this unit. The kids don’t know it yet, but Day 1 is all about SOIL! Part of the planned activity from MBTP is a guessing game (no peeking)! The kids

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The 10 HamFam Commandments

The 10 HamFam Commandments One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine…It’s the 10 HamFam Commandments “Number One – The Challenge, Demand Satisfaction” I will not apologize for the amount of Hamilton overshare that will be bursting from our house and spewing out online from our extreme excitement over the release

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Pomp and Circumstance

You can’t escape it. You probably love seeing it. It is everywhere. Post after post about the disappointments of not seeing your kids walk in their freshly pressed cap and gowns for their graduation ceremony. I get it, I really do.

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Sibling Distancing

What do you get when you put 3 kids with varieties of strengths, challenges, grade levels, personalities, wants, needs, and interests, and place them all together, under one roof to educate them at home? The answer is… noise. Lots and lots of noise. It gets loud. I mean really loud.

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Time Traveling from the 1800’s to the Middle Ages

Let me start by saying that Sarah, Plain and Tall was one of the sweetest books I have ever read. It took an extreme amount of self control for all of us, not to read the whole book in one sitting. Instead, we used a little bit of patience and

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The Adventure Begins…
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