Coffee, Curriculum, Crafting, and CRICUT are my 4 favorite C’s! If you are reading this, I think it is safe to assume you are crafty and love something on my list, too. Fair enough? Have you ever wandered down the CRICUT aisle while shopping in your favorite craft store? If you are nodding in agreement to what you just read, then I will also bet you fit into one of the following categories:



B) I have a CRICUT! still in the box at home and want to use it, but have NO idea what to do with it.


D) I am curious and curiouser! What is it exactly? 

To that, I say, “Welcome my Crafting Comraderies, I have been waiting for you.” 

I cannot begin to count the number of times I walked by the mysterious machine perched on the wall at the craft store, never stopping to figure out what I was looking at.  I am actually embarrassed to admit that I had never even heard of a die-cut machine back then.  If I could time travel, I would have bought a CRICUT back then and saved myself from hours of work and hand cramps caused by making thousands of star stickers for a Teacher’s Appreciation event.

I know people say, “Ignorance is bliss,” however, that rule does NOT apply here!!! When it comes to crafting, ignorance will only waste your time and money and limit your crafting capabilities. 

Which brings me to…

Lesson 1: Talk about wanting a CRICUT incessantly, and hope that someone might be kind enough to buy you one (just to shut you up!) I was ever so lucky that my sister generously surprised me with a CRICUT Explore Air 2. There is only one way to properly express how I felt opening that glorious present… 

I am proud to say that my Cricut and overall crafting skills have evolved over the years. I love my Cricut Explorer and will always hold it near and dear to my heart. As they say, “make new friends, but keep the old…” Well my new friend is the Cricut Maker! And it does NOT disappoint! And I just ordered the Cricut Easy Press, too! So much to craft, so little time for life outside of crafting. As much as I would like to continue this discussion, there are crafts that need to be created! So tell me, what are your favorite things to make on your Cricut, OR.. if you don’t have one (yet), what are you wanting to learn how to make after you open the box? Discuss in the comment section below!

Want to see more of what I have been making with my Cricut Explorer and Cricut Maker? Click HERE!


Mama K



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