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Are you currently or thinking about homeschooling children with unique learning differences and abilities. Does your child(ren) have any diagnosis related to Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorder, Behavior Disorder, Sensory Issues, or perhaps a Gifted or Twice Exceptional Learner? Would you like to be part of a community of parents who give out bonus points to anyone wearing sweatpants and a comfy t-shirt? Have you ever said, “I could never homeschool!” I get it… I said it, often.

If any of the above sounds familiar, then you have come to the right place.

Welcome to Adventures in Krazyland! A blog written by someone who is a wife, and mom to 3 adorable kids (4 if you count my husband) who cringed at even the mention of the word…”homeschool.” Gulp! “Good for you, not for me…” (thank you Amy Poehler for teaching me this amazing phrase) is exactly what went through my mind anytime I met someone crazy enough to homeschool their kids.

Which brings me to…

Lesson #1 – Never Say Never!

Lesson #2 – We would have saved thousands of dollars in legal fees, and sleepless nights had I only started homeschooling from the beginning.

Our journey to homeschooling was a long and twisted road flooded with numerous school districts, public schools, private schools, and even non-public schools. And who could forget all the lawyers, advocates, psychologist, psychiatrists, ABA, BCBA, Adaptive Care, Regional Centers, Social Workers, due process filings (against 2 school districts), mediation hearings, contracts, and thousands of dollars spent to make sure our sons were getting what we believed to be the best education possible thanks to their rights under F.A.P.E. Yes! Those BIG, BOLD letters known all too well amongst anyone familiar with special education through public schooling… Free Appropriate Public Education

Lesson #3 – Parents don’t know what we do not know. 

Lesson #4 – School districts bank on parents who do not fully understand their *rights, or the way the system works. 

“I don’t care what you label him, call him an alligator for all I care. Just as long as you are giving him the help he needs.” – Mama K, First IEP meeting – January 2014. 

This date went down in our history as the day that our adventure into homeschooling began… I just didn’t know it…yet.

Today, our life is filled with love, laughter, musicals, movies, video games, Lego (note – the plural for Lego is also Lego… did you know that?) noise, lots and lots of noise, days that are magical, and then there are the days that are just downright difficult… my personal motto is to find the funny in everything. We do not take ourselves too seriously. Sarcasm and a sense of humor is a gift that I strive to pass down to our children. 

My hope is that this blog will help others see that homeschooling is not a scary or negative word. In fact, it may be exactly what you needed all along. For our family, it became everything we were searching for and so much more!

Welcome to Adventures in Krazyland. No matter what lead you here, we are glad you made it, and hope that you’ll join us in our adventures. 


Mama K

* Check with your individual State Office of Education for Procedural Safeguards. The link on this page is the Federal Guideline from the U.S. Department of Education.
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